1st Blender asset for CTF-Atmos.

So I decided to start removing some of the BSP geometry and replacing it with static meshes, I'm still a learner when it comes to 3D model creation and I've been working in Blender when I have had time to experiment.

Today I decided that I would create my first asset, to have a point of reference I selected all the geometry of the bridge section in the first image and exported it as an FBX file and imported it into Blender.

From there I consulted a piece of concept art that I've been using as inspiration for Atmos (Credits: Nicolas "Sparth" Bouvier) to set the theme for the architecture of the bridge, the supports are based on the supports seen along the left of the concept piece, from there I created the model to size thanks to the imported BSP geometry.

The final image is the bridge imported into CTF-Atmos, it will still need work but I feel this was a great first step for my personal development into 3D asset creation.

So I decided to grab the Greyboxing kit from the UE4 Marketplace using the $30 I got from Epic.

It's a nice package, has some commonly used shapes and objects, really like the note system which you can see in the shot.

I believe there is another package on it's way to the marketplace in the future called SuperGrid (https://forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?63107-SuperGrid-Fast-and-easy-Level-Prototyping)
Which also looks like it could help with the fast prototyping of levels, will be sure to grab it when it goes live!